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All practitioners here at Highland Holistic have been vaccinated for Covid19. 


Since re-opening after the COVID19 safer at home mandate, our clinic has been taking the following measures to ensure the safety of both patient and practitioner. However please be aware that while we will do everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID19, coming in is still a mutual risk. We appreciate your cooperation with our current protocols at this time.


Clinic Setting:

Hand sanitizer will be provided in the waiting room, reception desk and each treatment room. The bathroom has a hand washing station. Please reserve the kitchen area for practitioners only. Unnecessary decorative items and reading material have been removed. The clinic will be will be fully disinfected after every new person passes through with an EPA approved (for COVID19) germicidal wipe.


Treatment Rooms:

Each room has been outfitted with a HEPA air filter that will be running the duration of each treatment. Treatment tables will be outfitted with table paper over a waterproof, sanitizable table covering. Pillows have been covered in hypoallergenic zip-up coverings that can be washed (in addition to pillow cases). Each room will be fully disinfected after every treatment with an EPA approved (for COVID19) germicidal wipe and/or spray.


Practitioners are currently masking at their discretion. If it is important to you that your practitioner be masked, please feel free to communicate this when booking your appt.



We are allowing patients to mask or not mask based on their level of comfort.


If you are feeling any sign of respiratory distress (fever, chest pain, cough), please stay home and we can do a video consult to asses your symptoms and take appropriate measures. All patients will have their temperature taken at the door. Any internal temperature measuring greater than 100.4 degrees will be referred out immediately. 

For scheduling, please reach out to your desired practitioner to see what services are being offered at this time and what their availability is.

Thank you for your cooperation at this time!


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